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Supple as silk and smooth as cashmere... Like shaking hands with a smile. – John Gilbert, eJazzNews
press kit
Allison's Press Kit (PDF)
Allison's Press Kit (PDF)
  Press Sheet - プレスキット(PDF)をダウンロード
Press Sheet - プレスキット(PDF)をダウンロード
cd reviews
"...Light and buoyant, her voice is remarkably fresh, its purity underscored by considerable depth and sagely shaded hues, suggesting Tierney Sutton by way of Karen Carpenter. For this, her third album and first for Origin, she is surrounded by an exceptional cadre of pros..."
Christopher Loudon JazzTimes

"Allison Adams Tucker continues romp through other-worldly in 'WANDERlust' "Allison Adams Tucker's one gift in this project is keeping that crystalline voice intact as formidable jazz musicians work their magic spells on some time-defying style mixes."
Carol Banks Weber AXS

Musical Memoirs:
Dee Dee McNeil for Musical Memoirs

"purring, sultry vocals dripping with suggestion…" "…right at the center of it all in a set that fuses 50's rec room jazz with the future." "Killer stuff from a true rising star."
Chris Spector for Midwest Record

"Tucker's voice is a beautiful instrument - one that floats, flies, and seduces with its no-fuss delivery - and she makes great use of it here, never overselling or overreaching. It's rather impressive, but it impresses on its own terms."
Dan Bilawsky for All About Jazz

SD Troubadour:
Paul Hormick for SD Troubadour

SD Reader:
Jay Allen Sanford for SD Reader

"Singing with taste and nuance are her strong suits."
George Varga for San Diego Union Tribune

"A powerful singer with an attractive voice." ★★★★
Scott Yanow for DownBeat

"Perky and upbeat…soulful."
George Harris for Jazz Weekly

"Rich, soothing... Tucker's lyrics and vocals have the power to enchant."
Woodrow Wilkins The Jazz Writer

"April In Paris is a delight from start to finish."
Scott Yanow LA Jazz Scene

"...lustrous in any language. A vocalist who clarifies every note within a hair's breath."
Carol Banks Weber for Examiner

"With a voice supple, agile, and bright, she executes each song on the tracklist with ease and imagination, creating a serene atmosphere that leaves you smiling."
Eva Simontacchi for Jazzitalia

Best Jazz Album — Allison Adams Tucker, Come With Me:
"I don't think we've ever had a local singer with as broad a repertoire. She pulls in everything from French chanson to vintage Argentinian tango to classic jazz standards here, and knocks every track right out of the park."
Jim Trageser North County Times

"Come With Me is an exceptional slice of music from all corners of the world performed by one of the better vocalists around..."
Edward Blanco eJazzNews

"Supple as silk and smooth as shaking hands with a smile."
John Gilbert eJazzNews

" should expect the unexpected..."
Scott Yanow L.A. Jazz Scene

"..mesmerizing, whether in English, Japanese, French..."
Doug Boynton, USA / UK

"Come With Me...a wonderful showcase for Tucker's vocal dexterity..."
Denis Poole, UK
radio reviews
"What a fantastic satisfying trip around the world via some of the great standards of our time."
Peter Merrett PBS 106-7 FM, Melbourne Australia

"Many Sincere Thanks for the CD "Come With Me" that you sent us recently. BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT..."
Graham J Barclay, Soundwave FM 88.7 / 107.3 Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

"Fantastic album. Great stuff for our Radio Station."
Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio 105.8 / 87.5fm Netherlands

"...all you want to do is indeed follow her through all the beautiful tracks of her album."
Pascal Dorban, Radio ARA 103.3 / 105.2fm Luxembourg
concert reviews
"Jazz At The CAP… Allison Adams Tucker, who sings in several languages and has a strong and highly appealing voice, was at her best…"
Scott Yanow | L.A. Jazz Scene | Jazz Around Town

"Tucker is an astonishing singer with impeccable pitch and crystal clear diction, allowing each lyric to be heard clearly, even if the language itself was new...she could sing in Martian and make it sound romantic"
Robert Bush | San Diego Reader

"...思わずふっと吸い込まれてしまいそうな、とっても透き 通った美しい声でした。" Mai | Body & Soul

" was the hugely talented and linguistically dexterous Tucker who knitted the show together..."
Denis Poole, Dizzy's San Diego
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STASERA. Tappa italiana al Paradosso Jazz Club | La voçe magica di Allison | Presenterà il suo nuovo album
"Come with me"
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Allison Adams Tucker @ Blue Note | deep kyoto by Michael Lambe
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Vocal Lovers' Celebration by Eric Nemeyer
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